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At Health Carousel Allied Travel, we want to work with people who want to positively impact the world around them. That is why we actively work with medical technologists to help them find work they love in locations across the entire country.  

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or have at least one year travel experience we can help match you with the best traveling medical technologist position that suits your background and experience. When you first start your journey toward becoming a traveling medical technologist, we are there to help you with any tricky navigation.  

For example, there are some variabilities in the level of education and experience needed based on the location of employment. While some areas only require a high school diploma, other places require a certification or college degree that emphasizes the medical field.

Because some facilities have different requirements, you may not be quite sure which positions are right for you or assume that you simply don’t have enough education.

This information may feel overwhelming if you’re just starting to consider how you can become a traveling medical technologist, but we’re here to help match you with the right positions based on your current credentials.  

Health Carousel Allied Travel works with a variety of healthcare facilities throughout the United States. Additionally, we work only with a select tier of high-end medical professionals. These relationships ensure that our partners put our employees at the top of their list.

When you find your ideal position, we’ll help you get your foot in the door.

Regardless of where you are now, our company can help match you with the location and type of work that interests you. Additionally, we provide competitive pay, opportunities for free CEUs, and top-tier benefits.

Our services include a matching 401(k), medical benefits that start on day one of your assignment at just $15 per month for an individual, as well as vision and dental plans! Your career as a traveling medical technologist should be both exciting and rewarding, and we’re here to help.  

If you’re interested in helping communities across the country, contact an Health Carousel Allied Travel representative today. You can help people while gaining new experience and visiting new locations. Let’s get your next traveling medical technologist assignment started right away!

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